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9230 Lima rd
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Fax: 1 (888) 507-0830
WE NOW OFFER FINANCING REGARDLESS OF YOUR CREDIT SITUATION IN THE PAST IF YOU HAVE A JOB WE WILL GET YOU APPROVED All vehicles are priced to undercut anywhere else you would go by thousands of dollars! All vehicles are clean title only guaranteed, no salvage or rebuilt titles! Best deals around! Friendly and caring staff, eager to help and answer any and all questions!
Our story.
As a family owned business with over 20 years of experience in buying and selling cars and other equipment as well as learning from the best in the industry, we can guarantee that every customer will be served professionally, and make sure that you are buying a car from a friend who cares about your experience and the product you receive, rather than just talking to another salesman. Our CEO and founder, Samir, on his own has sold thousands of semi trucks, trailers, and cars to people all over the U.S.A and every single customer has had a more than satisfactory experience. We know there are many good used car dealers out there, but we promise you that you will never have an experience anywhere else as you will at Crossroads.
How can we manage such low prices?
As a family owned and run dealership we only employ close friends and family, keeping our team small and keeping costs low for the business and you the consumer. We are not a dealership with tens of salesmen to pay and marketers and other employees, we have only 2-3 staff members at a time, all of which are family or friends who do every job needed to reduce number of employees needed. With fewer employees and overhead, we are able to keep overall costs low and have a much smaller markup than any other dealer, keeping our prices consistently thousands of dollars under other dealers. Also, by operating as a family, every member of the family benefits from each sale, that way instead of having salesman jump onto you as soon as you get on the lot in order to get their sale and earn their commission, we respect your privacy and leave you to make your own decisions and look at each car alone. Once you would like to know more about a car or get the keys we are more than happy to help you with any inquiries and strive to make sure that your visit was a comfortable and peaceful one.
Customer satisfaction pre-sale and post-sale.
You can bring your own mechanic, take the car to any shop or mechanic of your choice at your discretion and have it looked at, and then enjoy test driving by yourself or with family without a salesman in the car restricting where you can go with the car. We allow all customers to take any vehicle of their choosing with our plate and insurance so you can drive anywhere on your own to test the car and feel sale while doing so. Once you have made your choice and purchase the vehicle, we work with all customers post sale with any issues that might occur and strive to help every customer stay satisfied once off the lot.